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  • Perhaps you’re not cut out for it?

    I think by now it’s pretty clear that being an entrepreneur is a status symbol for most people, besides being famous and rich. I said “most people” because I don’t include real entrepreneurs in that category. They’re a different breed and the sooner we (the others!) realise that the better it is for them. Particularly, […]

  • How Tobias Lütke built Shopify

    I first heard this episode earlier this year and then again a couple of days back. I first heard this episode on NPR’s How I built This podcast earlier this year and then again a couple of days back. I was driving when the episode finished and I couldn’t resist but pullover my car and […]

  • Most people don’t want to be hustled

    I was rewatching an old (3 years) AskGaryVee Show featuring Seth Godin. And I’m so glad I did because the clip oozes wisdom and insight on marketing, content and the internet as we know it. But the best part was Seth’s explanation of markets: “There isn’t one market. There are many markets. you can sell […]

  • Apple, Google, Amazon, Harley, Disney, Mattel were all started in a garage… what’s your excuse?

    Before you think of this as yet another “inspirational” post, let me assure you — it’s not. Most iconic companies that we know of are believed to have humble beginnings, which is partially true. You’ve got to know the other side of the story. Check out this wonderfully curated tweet post from Historic.ly that unleashes […]

  • Insights from coaching Gary Vaynerchuk

    One of my favorite strength coaches, Jordan Syatt, chose to move on from being GaryVee’s personal trainer after 3 years of dedicated service… and I meant that literally! Jordan coached Gary every day of the week over the course of his contract anywhere and everywhere the latter took him! And that’s like all over the […]

  • A $60,000 lesson on making your hustle work

    You may have heard this before, “I tried to do <nature of business> on the side (or worse, full time!) but it didn’t work out. I was barely making ends meet, so, I quit and got back working for someone else.” Or perhaps some variation of it. I most certainly have. And I must confess […]

  • You can’t teach people how to…

    I’m a huge fan of Guy Raz’s How I Built This podcast. I’ve been following it for the past couple of years and genuinely think it’s one of the best podcasts in the space. I just love the interviews. Heard Janice Bryant Howroyd, CEO of The ACT-1 Group, the largest privately held, woman owned workforce […]

  • Leveraging your team and strengths to grow your business

    If you’re a small business owner or an agency owner you’re mostly playing defence… waiting for the next project, the next client or the next pay cheque to come through. It’s tough. And at times even your business’ survival becomes a question. Of course, the simplest way to resolve this challenge is to keep your […]

  • What’s your market?

    And by that, people usually mean who do you really serve? (And you never know if they’re curious to find their direct competitor in you!) Marketers fuss a lot about customer avatars or the ideal customer profile or the target audience at ends, which gets irritating (at times). It’s a major turn off to every […]

  • Any given Sunday!

    Hand me a list and I’ll get to work. Today wasn’t any different. I should ideally be happy. The day was super productive… But it’s almost midnight and I miss my kids. They’re fast asleep. Of course, I’ll catch up with them tomorrow but that’s not the point. The challenge with all us hustlers is […]