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  • Fall in love with your dreams, not plans

    The number one reason why people give up on their dreams is because their plans aren’t working. Read that line once again. And perhaps, one more time. If you’re thinking right, you would agree that giving up your dreams due to faulty plans sounds utterly stupid. Yet, so many people do just that! Why? Because […]

  • The real reason why our goals keep changing

    Hint — it’s not because we’re lazy but we’re ever evolving. And I even believe if you’re not changing your goals every now and then, (a) you’re probably not hitting them, and (b) not growing at all! Does that mean you change your goals only when you’ve accomplished them? I don’t think so. Our goals […]

  • If it kills you… change your plans

    I don’t know where I’d heard this, but it’s so darn true! And most of all it applies to people like who’re obsessive about achieving multiple things all at once. 2019 so far hasn’t been any different from the previous years. We’re at the tail end of April and I’ve already committed to 4 major […]