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  • Build routines around your life, not the other way around

    The struggle around routines, motivation, and clarity on the direction one wants to take in life are real. But mindlessly mocking others isn’t going to help, even if your gurus have you convinced that success leaves clues. The proven way to accomplish any achievement is to understand oneself truly. Nothing more. Nothing less. Having a […]

  • Is it worth catching up with social media in 2021?

    Right now, there are two kinds of social media users — the influencers and the wannabes. You and I might fall in the latter category (if not, please feel free to recommend my site to your followers :-P), and that’s okay, as long as you don’t act like a wannabe. If you’re wondering what’s wrong […]

  • Your self-worth isn’t the same as your LinkedIn network

    A few minute after the brief introduction I asked this potential candidates for a sales position, “What achievements in the past you think can help you perform better at this role?” She mentioned the usual and then this, “I also have 40,000 LinkedIn contacts. That’s something most people in my circle can’t even think of. […]

  • The other half of building influence…

    Leadership and influence go hand-in-hand. Heck, they’re two sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other. Lately, however, it seems people have fallen in love with the word “influence.” It’s tossed and thrown around a lot. So much so that I fear good old leadership just may go out of fashion! […]

  • Everyone wants to be an influencer but nobody wants to do the work?

    I know the punctuation mark in the headline wasn’t needed as it’s more of a statement than a question. I wish there was an elegant way to put this across. And while I don’t think anything’s wrong with the desire to becoming an influencer, I just feel that becoming one is a fitting consequence than […]