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  • Writing and speaking are powerful but sharing is a superpower!

    While reflecting on the importance of writing and speaking (solo or with a partner via my podcast) in the bigger scheme of things, I had a profound realization — these aren’t random marketing/personal branding activities for me, but practices that I enjoy. There’s a much deeper emotional connection than merely writing words or speaking, some […]

  • Don’t let gossipmongers ruin your company’s culture

    Everyone loves to gossip, but nobody likes to admit they do. It’s a fact. And I don’t care if you’re shaking your head right now. Understand the true definition of gossip as per the dictionary: a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts about others rumour or report of an intimate nature a chatty […]

  • On leading organisations

    The dictionary defines an organization as a “company, firm, concern, operation, corporation, institution, group, establishment, consortium, conglomerate, combine, syndicate, body, agency, federation, confederation, alliance, coalition, association, movement, society, league, club, network, confederacy; informal outfit, or set-up.”  It’s wise to keep that definition in mind because: a) most people restrict their understanding of organizations to profit […]

  • The Five Levels of Communication

    Ed Batista’s 5 Levels of Communication is a fascinating model of human interaction. He was inspired by Richard Francisco’s Five Levels of Communication (which comprises Chapter 2.6 of the Reading Book for Human Relations Training, the 8th edition.). Nonetheless, the model is worth a study, particularly if you’re a leader. The version below is my […]

  • A leader’s greatest assumption

    “All great communicators are great leaders, but not all leaders are decent communicators, let alone great ones.” Whoever said that was a genius. (In all honestly, I might have said it, but I’m still not sure if it’s an original. So, I’ll let someone else bear the brunt for this.) I’m convinced that a leader’s […]

  • If you can’t explain it, you don’t know it

    The other day I tried to explain a fiscal challenge to one of my clients. I tried my best to break down an explanation from my Finance team but it just didn’t work. The client had to call me to understand what I was trying to say; a clear indication that I sucked at the […]

  • How to talk smart (while thinking fast)

    Alright, I stole that title from somewhere (as I usually do and you’ll know from here) but believe me, if it grabs your attention, what you’re about to read and watch will be totally worth it. From 2010 to 2016, I spoke in public far too many times that I would have liked. Yet, I […]

  • Folks, can we get real?

    I noticed people reacting to my thoughts on the need to communicate than retaliate to the Indo-China situation. And I wanted to acknowledge and respect their opinion on this situation. They’ve been hurt and are deeply concerned on what’s going on. That said, I don’t think there’s a better alternative to than talk this out. […]

  • Communicate don’t retaliate

    Tensions between two of the most powerful nations is never a great idea. An Indo-China strife is possibly the worst! And if neither of the governments take measures to facilitate communication around the burning issue, a territorial war is imminent. The leaders, I believe, should put their egos aside and talk. Yes, we’ve lost precious […]

  • Keeping your mouth shut may be the most effective way to influence people

    One thing I absolutely hate about public speaking is that it puts the speaker on a pedestal, making them appear way more intelligent and valuable then they really are. Not that I despise public speaking or the skill of speaking — I enjoy it myself. But I think it’s overrated. You don’t have to deliver […]