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Wabi-Sabi, Wu-Wei, and the future of this blog

I discovered two scintillating videos from the team at The School of Life — Wabi Sabi and Wu Wei. If you’ve studied or have read about Eastern Philosophy, you would know these two concepts are quite central to the core teachings. Wabi-SabiIs the Japanese philosophy of accepting your imperfections while making the most of life. […]


It’s not about being nice

About 6 years ago I was bestowed with the responsibilities of leading marketing initiative for my Toastmasters’ district. The mission was to grow the district’s membership. So, I set an ambitious goal of going from 9,000 to 12,000 paid members (I think, it was a long time back) by the end of my term (a […]

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Build, grow, get fired, rinse, and repeat!

That’s precisely what a great leader (or even a great coach) would do. Each time and every time. Besides, I hate the idea of being up there at the top perpetually. Not only is that damn boring but it’s also a testimony to the fact that I haven’t done enough to build the people around […]

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Governance always starts with better communication

India’s in splits as the new Citizen Amendment Bill (CAB) and National Registry of Citizens (NRC) officially takes its place in our legislation. Most people are either anxious, confused, and angered by this nationalist (Hindutva) agenda. And of course, we do have our share of supporters and opposition to this bill. It’s complicated. It’s messy […]

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Don’t wish things were better, wish you were…

While I don’t understand the whole concept of nirvana, I do know that the folks who’ve attained it aren’t working. Else they would be like the rest of us — whining and complaining about the problems in our lives and this world-at-large. When it comes to problems, here’s what I know is the truth — […]