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  • Lead change using the Three-stage model of the change process

    Change is inevitable, so managing change shouldn’t just be an expectation but a leader’s core responsibility. A few years ago, I stumbled on the Three-stage model of the Change Process by Edgar Schein, which I’ve successfully adapted in multiple organizational interventions. It goes something like this: Stage 1: UnfreezingCreating motivation and mentally preparing the teams […]

  • How do deal with team members and peers who say they want to grow but don’t want to listen to you?

    Now and then, I strike up an interesting conversation with one of my team members or peers outside work, where I discuss some of the challenges they’re facing at the workplace. While most people are just okay with whatever is going on, some don’t want to commit to a solution. Often, I have a conversation […]

  • Maybe, you are naive!

    An exciting prospect called the other day. He was looking for a coach who could help him resolve some of the interpersonal challenges he faced the past few years. In his words, “my inability to make things work with the people around me have set me back by at least 4-5 years, and it’s demotivation […]

  • Honing your craft matters much more than your hustle

    Despite that, I highly encourage professionals to pick up projects on the side; I’m not a massive fan of hustle porn or the side-hustle culture. It beats the purpose of having a side project, to begin with! The idea of having side projects has less to do with making money but getting better at your […]

  • Fair-weather leadership

    Over the years, I’ve had the good fortune of working with several leaders. While a majority of them were outstanding, a few were perfect examples of leaders I never wanted to become or work with. One of these was what I call “fair-weather leaders.” There’s a high likelihood that you know someone like that in […]

  • How victorious leaders figure out a way to win

    If you have a hard time accepting defeat, don’t think you’re a poor loser. There’s a strong likelihood that you’re a victorious leader — someone who doesn’t like losing and doesn’t think “giving up” a fight is a valid option. And they have a knack for figuring out a way for them and their teams […]

  • Punishing the messenger

    Despite our best intentions to not shoot the messenger, more often than not, we end up doing just that. It happens all the time with all of us. Of course, we know the messenger is only trying to help or pass on information, insights, or suggestions from their perspective. And yet we blow them up! […]

  • Playing favorites

    A lot of sucking up goes in an organization than most leaders would like to admit. And while most of them can’t see in themselves what they see in others, more often than not, the very same people send subtle (sometimes strong and obvious) signals to their subordinates. About what? To not criticize or share […]

  • Clinging to the past

    If you think blaming ourselves or others is terrible, let me assure you that deflecting blame onto events and people from the past is just as bad. I’m a highly context-driven person, so history is essential to my day-to-day and future decisions. The trait also allows me to think and reflect deeper.  However, as a […]

  • The 20 unrecognizable leadership habits

    The following are transactional communication patterns (flaws) that we humans often let become unnoticeable habits (to us) that create challenges and roadblocks in our interactions with others. I compiled this list below from Marshall Goldsmith’s book “What got you here won’t get you there.”  Personally, it’s an essential list because I use it while onboarding […]