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  • People vs software

    I don’t care how weird that might sound or how vehemently people think of themselves as “hardware,” we essentially are software. And I say this purely from an organisational context. Before I rant further, I would like to allow Dave Winer elaborate on software all the way back from 1995: Software is a process, it’s […]

  • I do it

    If you’re not equipping your people, you’re not leading. Nor would you be able to harness your potential as a leader or hope to become a transformational leader. You see, the essence of all transformations is equipping. The alternative is to do what most leaders don’t do often — learn how to equip others. others. […]

  • Don’t ever get comfortable

    The greatest leaders of all time have one thing in common — they never settle for the comfortable or what felt familiar. Why? Because that’s a recipe for mediocrity. Period. Loved this 2018 ad-copy by American Giant that immaculately defines what being comfortable really means to leaders. Comfortable isn’t comfortable Comfortable never got up before […]

  • Who would fill your chair if you weren’t here?

    I read the other day, Mark Cole, the CEO of John Maxwell Companies, once asked his leadership team a question, “Who would fill your chair if you weren’t here?” It’s a powerful question and the one I love the most because it questions our intentions and challenges our assumptions. I think developing a healthy leadership […]

  • Build, grow, get fired, rinse, and repeat!

    That’s precisely what a great leader (or even a great coach) would do. Each time and every time. Besides, I hate the idea of being up there at the top perpetually. Not only is that damn boring but it’s also a testimony to the fact that I haven’t done enough to build the people around […]

  • Helping people lead, intentionally

    So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. Mostly around my podcast. It’s an active project that I’m keen to take off the ground but haven’t been able to. And it’s not because of the logistics but the value I really wish to create. I’m in the process (a long one that involves a […]

  • You need to diversify

    Not just your investments, you career too. If you’re employed somewhere. Great! Get a side-hustle. And this is particularly important if you’re slogging 14-hour-workdays and don’t see yourself working for this very firm 5 years from now. I know what you’re thinking… “how the hell am I suppose to find time for this?” I hear […]

  • The resolutions don’t matter, your sticktoitiveness does

    stick-to-itiveness (noun)stick-to-it·​ive·​ness | \stik-ˈtü-ə-tiv-nəs meaning: dogged perseverance https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/stick-to-itiveness The last day of any year can mean a lot of things to many of us. For some, it’s the time for reflection and planning, for some its rejuvenation, for some it’s spending time with friends and family, for some its binge-watching the latest and greatest on […]

  • When you’re too scared to ask questions

    As much as I would like leaders to be more compassionate and empathetic with their subordinates, I also would prefer the latter to have the courage, humility and discipline to follow through on their responsibilities as team players. That goes beyond their KRAs and KPIs. And if that requires one to call out on an […]

  • The 15 laws of invaluable growth mastermind

    I’m game for my third 10-week study on the 15 laws of invaluable growth mastermind. It’s based on a book by the same name by John Maxwell (I’m part of the John Maxwell Team and am licensed to teach some of his flagship courses). This is a powerful mastermind focusing on accelerating not just your […]