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The Indispensable Man

It’s quite natural to think of ourselves as “indispensable” at the workplace, in our communities, or in our relationships. We do so much for the people whom we care about after all, right? Just that the thought itself is selfish, arrogant, and implies that we feel “entitled.” Not exactly a great place to operate from. […]


What does a leader really do?

At this very moment, thousands upon thousands of leaders in the fields of medicine, science, and politics are coming together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The numbers are still on the rise, which often begs the question what the hell are our leaders doing? Believe me, they’re trying their best. That said, it’s obvious that […]

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Leading is to make things happen

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some people who have the position, promise, and even a commendable following. Unfortunately, when it comes to producing results they’ve always fallen short. And that is a big deal! Particularly when it comes to your stature and growth as a leader. Merely occupying position will only get you so […]

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People rise or fall to meet your level of expectations of them

Leading people is quite karmic — what you give is what you get in return. And believe me, even the most confident and self-assured among us capitulate if their leaders don’t have enough faith in them or their abilities. Imagine what that means for the rest — the ones who aren’t that confident nor have […]

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Majoring in the minor things

It’s the truth. Something almost all of us default too. Because we want to get it right. And this is particularly true with leaders at small and mid-size organisations. While I don’t understand the psychology behind this behaviour, I do know it stems from insecurity. If you disagree, explain why would a startup’s CEO (or […]


One becoming a people’s person

Becoming one isn’t for everyone. In fact, I think you either have it in you or don’t. Sure, you can take a couple of workshops on Emotional Intelligence but that’s just a temporary fix up. You will raise your level of self-awareness and/or perhaps learn a few techniques that you can apply to your people […]