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The three tenets of work

Just finished Timothy Gallaway’s The Inner Game of Stress. It’s a fantastic read and if you’re a busy professional or an entrepreneur, give it a read and it might change the way you look at work and stress. Besides the great gems that I discovered in the book, the one that truly stood out for […]

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Structure your learning

Being a martial arts practitioner isn’t easy. Particularly if it’s a highly technical and full-contact sport like Jiu Jutsu. There’s so much to learn that people often spent their entire lives to master the art. I picked up the art again earlier this year and have been thoroughly enjoying it. So much more than the […]

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Acquiring new skills keeps you sharp but…

It’s dang difficult to learn anything new because your mind and body are so good at resisting change. So much so that they’ll let you believe that you’re always ‘doing something new’ or ‘don’t have enough time’ or the ultimate — ‘you don’t need anything new since you’re already doing too much.’ There may be […]

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You really can’t progress with a mind wide-shut

Coming off from a significant time-off isn’t easy. It surely hasn’t been easy for me. Particularly from a training perspective. I’ve been trying my best to survive my workouts for the past few weeks. Of course, the focus has changed from strength (low-reps, more sets… think more weight) to hypertrophy (high-reps, medium sets… think muscles) […]

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Can ‘winning’ get in the way of learning?

I’ve had countless failures in the past couple of years. Some of them were hard-fought battles, some I’d almost won, and then some that were basically half-assed attempts. Obviously, I’m not proud of those failures nor would I ever try to boast about them. (Who in their right minds would?) But there’s something about winning […]

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Could certifications be really a waste of time?

If it were left to me, I would officially become (accidentally) the most “certified” professional on the planet. I’m that hungry to learn more and also because every workshop one gets to attend these days hand you over a certification at the end of it all. But getting “certified” in anything comes at a cost, […]

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Learning can be fun if we infuse some creativity into it

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I learned that in grade school (and so did you, I know) but besides the boring theory and lame demo of the practical application (both of which I don’t remember) I never understood why would anyone want to learn that. Of course, now I know… […]

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Why even bother with side projects

Regardless of who you’re working for (yourself or someone else), you should have a side project. Period. It’s not about hustling to make millions. If it happens, great! If not, that isn’t the point anyway. I’ve been working on numerous side-projects since 2007. And I’ll be honest, I haven’t made a nickel off any of […]

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More isn’t better, less is

The past couple of weeks have been overwhelming. The amount of stuff that I end up doing on a daily basis was just enormous! And it seemed there was just no end to it! Every night I would plan for the next day and write the big 6 goals that I plan to smash out […]


Your best move as a new soloprenuer

I know how it feels having a job one day and staying at home looking at the ceiling the next… wondering what on earth would you do or worse where the heck am I going to get my clients from? One of the biggest challenges solopreneurs face is to keep their sales/business development pipeline full. […]