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  • Life rules accordingly to The Kominsky Method

    Last evening, I wrapped up the third (and final, I think) season of the Netflix dramedy, The Kominsky Method. I loved the series for its ingenuity, class, and a whole lot of heart that pours through each of the 22 episodes that I’ve watched over the past three weeks. It’s been fun. As I’ve been […]

  • Is it really worth it?

    Of all the questions that solopreneurs, independent consultants, coaches, and bootstrappers get asked, the most frequently asked is this — is all even worth it? Here, the “it” that people refer to is the struggle and uncertainty of choosing a lifestyle that isn’t the norm. This means they might ask you the same question if […]

  • The 5 things I don’t regret doing

    The other day while browsing my LinkedIn feeds, I stumbled upon a person’s list of “5 things people won’t regret doing.” It was a decent list, but I couldn’t wholly agree with it; something was missing. So, I came up with the five things that I haven’t regretted doing. Here you go: Quitting the job […]

  • Things that hurt us, instruct us

    I’ve been a lifelong fan of Ben Franklin and M. Scott Peck. And boy, they both have something you must remember always:  As Benjamin Franklin said, ‘Those things that hurt, instruct.’ It is for this reason that wise people learn not to dread but actually to welcome problems and actually to welcome the pain of […]

  • Create a life you’ll be proud of 20 years from now

    I’m getting older. And so are you. But if I were to pin down on that one thing that’s important to both of us, it will be — to live an extraordinary life! I’ve been at it since the day I graduated from high school, about 18 years ago, and believe me; I’m nowhere close […]

  • Death is the ultimate truth

    I’d barely rolled a few paces before I realized that my phone was at my work desk. So, I pulled my car over and dashed to my apartment. I live on the first floor of a 29-floor building; I don’t even have to wait for the lift. Taking the stairs is a great way to […]

  • Just blend it in!

    As a coffee connoisseur, I always find myself looking for the best kind of beans, roast-levels, or even coffee plantations in and around India. All for making that perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee (pour-over, always) each morning. However, there are times when I’m not satisfied with the flavor or feel something is missing or […]

  • On closures

    I had an interesting conversation with a client of mine the other day on the importance of having a proper “closure” so she can move on in her life. As you can tell, the conversation was deep and exploratory, yet immensely satisfying for the both of us. It also got me thinking about the “closures” […]

  • Live your story

    We were waiting outside the Vatican for the tour guide to take us inside the magnificent city. It was hot and humid. (That’s one complaint you don’t often hear from an Indian overseas, we’re do damn used to temperatures 40 and above.) I was getting impatient and was seriously questioning my decision visit the city […]

  • The myth of Icarus and Daedalus

    Found this stupendous video by the good folks at TED-Ed that documents the genius of Deadalus and explains how his ego and hubris cued the great fall of Icarus. I think it’s a great lesson for all humanity — of the present and future. The price to deviate from the path of moderation is great. […]