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Listening intently

I’ve come to believe the listening is an art and nobody can teach you to become a world-class listener over a webinar or a course (online or offline). Sure, the latter will help you understand the principles, practice, and application of listening but things change drastically when you try to do it yourself. Part of […]

Random Thoughts

For best results, flatten as you go up…

Probably the most useless advise for people who make oral health a priority. And I’m convinced it’s useless because my 3-year-old daughter needn’t be told to squeeze the tube from the bottom and flatten it to extract the last ounce of paste. Her instincts knew better. Of course, toothpaste companies won’t stop sharing this age-old […]

Fascinating personal growth

The 6 universal principles of persuasion and the most important one…

I originally found this gem of a video on Tina Roth’s (swiss-miss) site. It describes the six universal principles of persuasion based on Robert Cialdini’s seminal work, Influence. It’s informative, subtle and quite powerful. Look, it make me post this video here! In case you don’t have time to watch the video, these are the […]


What’s behind the questions?

Not everyone wants to talk to you (particularly if you’re a stranger) on the phone. And irrespective of what you’re selling, they’re more comfortable doing a face-to-face conversation than even video! Thankfully, preferences don’t come in the way our modern day businesses. What does come as a challenge? Answering your prospect’s questions. Let me tell […]