Tag: long term planning

  • Don’t be an ass!

    Jean Buridan was a 14th century French philosopher who spent an entire career focusing on logic and the works of Aristotle. He’s most famous for this thought experiment known as ‘Buridan’s ass,’ the conclusions of which satirizes his own philosophy of moral detrminism. The experiment basically illustrates the paradox in the conception of free will […]

  • Fall in love with your dreams, not plans

    The number one reason why people give up on their dreams is because their plans aren’t working. Read that line once again. And perhaps, one more time. If you’re thinking right, you would agree that giving up your dreams due to faulty plans sounds utterly stupid. Yet, so many people do just that! Why? Because […]

  • The real value in having a Plan B

    I used to think having a Plan B is a sign of insecurity, having a weak mind or lack of commitment/loyalty to Plan A. I had my own reasons — each time I’ve had a Plan B, my mind would figure out creative ways to mess up my Plan As. I’m serious! And it didn’t […]

  • Before we grow big outside, let’s grow big inside

    I heard about Chick-fil-A just last year on NPR and was fascinated how Samuel Truett Cathy (or S. Truett Cathy) built a simple chicken sandwich shop into one of the largest restaurant chains in America. Even more profound was his quote (that I heard in another podcast recently) in response to the board’s recommendation to […]

  • How long can you plan?

    I went to the National Strength & Conditioning Association’s (NSCA) website this morning to confirm the prerequisites for the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification. I plan to take this in June 2019. The preparation has to be rigorous. And from experience, I can tell that lack of focus and intensity during the prep phase […]