Tag: Love the Process

  • Mastering your craft

    It isn’t for everyone. It takes a helluva time, effort, and commitment. And even then, most folks probably aren’t going to make it. The ones who deeply care about mastering their craft enjoy the process of getting better every single day. They’re okay with making mistakes and are quick to forgive themselves because they know […]

  • A lot of things can be fixed by hard work

    Was listening to David Goggins riff on how a lot of things can be fixed by simply working hard. And I agree with him, not because of his hard-earned accomplishments or my addiction to motivational junk (like most folks are these days), but from my own experience where I fixed my challenges by simply working […]

  • The Reserve Clause

    A reserve clause is basically: your intentions + actions + things/obstacles that are beyond your control. Stoicism teaches you to distinguish between your will and the factors beyond your control. Could this be applied to your life right now? I’d say, absolutely! Think about this: You do the very best to succeed Accept that you […]