Random Thoughts

Trade offs vs compromises

They’re not the same and they definitely shouldn’t be used interchangeably. But both do suck. A comprise isn’t a win-win as most would like you to believe. It’s anything but that. I believe it’s the lowest form of agreement in which one party wins while the other gets to live with something less than satisfactory. […]

Fascinating Random Thoughts

On alternatives

There are many and one for anyone and everyone out there. Yes, you too! So long as you keep looking. Or just make one up! I used to be a heavy metal and hard rock aficionado during my teens but got fed up eventually by the time I was 20. Then I found alternative music, […]

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Drucker’s decision-making process

Almost everything in life essentially boils down to either making a choice or doing the damn thing. The challenge is that most of us either stay stuck at the cusp of doing it or making a choice. Years ago, I bumped into Peter Drucker’s decision-making framework in HBR. It literally changed my life. For the […]