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Expect everything, attach to nothing

One of the most worthless piece of advice I’ve ever gotten is this — “lower your expectations.” Or perhaps a variant of “don’t get too attached to your expectations.” I say “worthless” because our expectations is what makes or breaks us. Imagine a life without expectations… I’m waiting… Nothing, right? It’s like a blank page! […]

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A note to middle-managers whose bosses aren’t leading well…

At least that’s how they would like to think. But before I dive any further, I would like to make it clear that I’m neither an expert in “managing-up the hierarchy” nor do I believe there’s such thing as “managing-up.” Why? Because it simply cannot be done. Period. If that disappoints you, I’m sorry, you […]

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On managing projects

Let’s face it — being a project manager is a thankless job. At least that’s how it feels like when your clients/stakeholders are kicking and punching you in the gut for not delivering the project on time. Or even worse, they’ve wasted your most valuable resource (time) to go back and forth with you and […]