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  • Marketing is Personal

    While helping one of my clients discover a marketing strategy that makes sense, I realised how powerful, soul-satisfying, and freeing is the process of finding something that resonates with one’s authentic self. And that’s especially true when people realise that they don’t have to sell their souls to market themselves or make a living as […]

  • It’s okay to reinvent that fucking wheel

    We’re all obsessed with shortcuts to “shorten the curve.” We want to execute tactics that everyone else is doing because it’s working (or trending) or the newest strategy that scales or reaches the target audience better. And if we fail to change or try any of what’s “proven to be working,” we’re doomed. Sometimes I […]

  • Not a coach but an entrepreneur providing coaching services

    We’re well past the middle of November, which for me means that it’s time to reflect and study on the year that’s about to fade out, for good, I must say. If you think this might be a tad too early a time for self-reflection, you’re probably right. But I can’t cram all the year’s […]

  • Demography vs Psychography

    Marketers and researchers have used demography as an essential tool for their research and analysis for ages now. The word “demography” literally means the statistical study of populations, humans being one of them. And as with most study areas, various subtopics have spun off of demography, including demographic analysis and demographic profiling. As you can […]

  • Minimal Marketing

    Here’s something most marketing gurus won’t tell you — most of their advice is meant for people and organizations with significantly deep pockets. And if you’re reading this post, chances are, their strategy won’t apply to you or your business. No offense to you, of course, I know my audience better. Even then, I won’t […]

  • The demand and supply problem

    There are too many life coaches, trainers, and independent consultants out there. So much so that I’ve been hesitant to call myself an executive or a leadership development coach until most recently. (And I’m still not comfortable and am seriously thinking of changing it to something else.) Just take a look around, chances are 8 […]

  • The Greatest Marketing Strategy Ever 2.0

    The skeptical version of me read Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It! more than a decade ago. I wasn’t sure his was a business book I would like to read. “He’s a wine guy after all!” That’s what I (and a million others) though. And boy, I’m just super-grateful to the good senses that prompted me to […]

  • Hitting unsubscribe might save your life

    You know what I’m talking about — sales and promotional emails particularly from your favourite people and publications. Of course, not all of them deserve to see your trash can but the ones who’ve been quite regular about pitching their products and offerings certainly do. Here’s the reason why you should: Most are pitching their […]

  • Be like Jay Fai

    It’s one of the highly popular restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand. And not because it’s fine-dining (it is not) or fast food but for reasons you and I probably won’t know. Why? Because neither of us is getting in before January next year. They’re fully booked! Now that’s an achievement for a restaurant that’s basically serves […]

  • It’s not for you

    Years ago I was asked to lead a dormant Toastmasters club and turn it around. Just like that. I was already in line to become my home club’s President and this came in just like that. Without warning. And I clearly remember all that pressure. Leading one club isn’t easy, leading two was next to […]