It’s not for you

Years ago I was asked to lead a dormant Toastmasters club and turn it around. Just like that. I was already in line to become my home club’s President and this came in just like that. Without warning. And I clearly remember all that pressure. Leading one club isn’t easy, leading two was next to […]

What branding…

Is a representation of what the company isthe organizational values that cannot be compromisedthe trust within the company and the marketplacerecognition/familiarity/identityhow the company wants to be perceived by it’s clients/customersa consistent experience Isn’t your company’s ‘positioning’ strategyjust about that logo or that taglinejust a mission statementjust a bunch of guidelines written on a shared document […]

Zen and the art of car maintenance

I was sweaty, restless and driving across three cities in Delhi-NCR. It was 39 degrees (celcius) outside but felt more like 45, thanks to my car’s clunky air conditioning. The four-hour drive was arduous to say the least. The first thing I did after coming home as guzzle down a litre of chilled water and […]

Choose your clients wisely

The best way I know to separate yourself from everyone else is to narrow the scope of your target audience. Yes, like the minimum viable audience (MVA) but not exactly. Why? Because even your MVA will have a bunch of bloodsuckers who hate to pay money for the value you provide. It’s quite possible because […]

Leveraging your team and strengths to grow your business

If you’re a small business owner or an agency owner you’re mostly playing defence… waiting for the next project, the next client or the next pay cheque to come through. It’s tough. And at times even your business’ survival becomes a question. Of course, the simplest way to resolve this challenge is to keep your […]

Don’t sell without a process

I’m relatively new to sales and business development. The shift from marketing/marketing communications wasn’t really a smooth ride since I took it upon myself to create a sales process from the scratch. Apparently, there is and element of risk when you’re being proactive. I hadn’t realise that up until that day when I got on […]

What’s your market?

And by that, people usually mean who do you really serve? (And you never know if they’re curious to find their direct competitor in you!) Marketers fuss a lot about customer avatars or the ideal customer profile or the target audience at ends, which gets irritating (at times). It’s a major turn off to every […]

Metrics that every marketing manager should care about

I’ve been going back and forth to this piece the whole day. A compelling read and something everyone in marketing (not just the managers) should carefully study. Let me promise you one thing — your marketing game will change the minute you decide to seriously consider data and patterns (as laid out in this piece). […]

Guess who’s making the most money these days?

I remember buying my first information product. It was a copywriting course for $99 (or something like that, from what I can remember it was probably more… but I’m not sure) from one of the pioneers in the business. The course promised to transform my life and business (which I didn’t have) in just 90 […]