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If you want to go through the book read alone… if you want to master… study together…

I’ve been studying (again) Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich mastermind online hosted by Paul Martinelli and Roddy Gailbraith. It was fantastic just as expected! This being my second mastermind study with them in as many months. While listening to Paul the other day, he mentioned something profound (paraphrasing), “If you want to go through […]

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Mastermind Groups: not what you think it is

It’s not a marketing funnel.It’s not a group to pitch, up sell, or even network (although you end up with lifetime of deep connections). It’s not a forum to post your random thoughts, rants, or favorite motivational video (cat videos included, if that moves you) like you do on your favorite WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or Facebook groups. It’s […]

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The 15 laws of invaluable growth mastermind

I’m game for my third 10-week study on the 15 laws of invaluable growth mastermind. It’s based on a book by the same name by John Maxwell (I’m part of the John Maxwell Team and am licensed to teach some of his flagship courses). This is a powerful mastermind focusing on accelerating not just your […]