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  • The truth about the path to mastery

    I don’t believe the 10,000 hours theory. You don’t need to log in for that many hours. It’s probably closer to 20,000 or more, and no, there aren’t any shortcuts. Now that’s out of the way, I would still encourage you to say on your path to mastery because the pursuit will teach you many […]

  • Why “implementing” will make you a better strategist

    Everyone loves to be that “strategy” person who likes to talk about ideas, come up with plans, and bark orders when it’s time to get things done. The challenge is that most people only want to do “strategy” and pass on the hard work of “implementing” stuff to others. The above is so true with […]

  • Ira Glass on Storytelling

    See. Spot. Steal! I couldn’t help but do so when I discovered What Every Successful Person Knows, But Never Says by James Clear. The post profiles Ira Glass’ and describes his struggle to create, This American Life, one of the most popular public radio shows of all time! Nobody tells this to people who are […]

  • To be or to do?

    I’ve been labelled a rebel, a nonconformist, and someone unlikely to succeed when I was in my senior year of high school. Not because I was any of those, but I wasn’t going with the flow as was expected of young adults back then. And honestly, that wasn’t intentional. I was following my curiosity and […]

  • The better you get, the less you care

    I loved this super-short The Daily Stoic podcast episode by Ryan Holiday. He elaborates on an aspect that most people won’t agree with, particularly those who haven’t achieved much success or are still dilly-dallying with “stuff they want to do.” It’s something I’ve observed among the senior-most leaders and C-level executives having worked with them for […]

  • Please, don’t make the other person meditate!

    One of the biggest mistakes I made last week was to attend a peer-to-peer coaching session that was open to all. I didn’t see any option that required me to validate my coaching credentials. So, if you’re interested in “coaching” someone, just sign-up and you will be “matched” with someone to coach and be coached. […]

  • Chop the wood, carry the water

    Oh, I so much love this piece from The Practice by Seth Godin.  161. Layman Pang, more than a thousand years ago, wrote: My daily activities are not unusual, I’m just naturally in harmony with them. Grasping nothing, discarding nothing. Drawing water and chopping wood.  That’s a routine without any drama, tension, commentary, judgement, or […]

  • At the heart of mastery lives consistency

    Culturally, we’ve all grown so impatient over the past decade. I remember the late 90s and the early 2000s for being slow, in general, but in a good way. It was just the right kind of ‘slow,’ that allowed people to get things done, achieve success, and still take out time for the things that […]

  • Uncertainty and discomfort

    Uncertainty and discomfort are a necessary component for us to do anything meaningful — Leo Babauta. That line pierced through my heart. Yet, it’s so reassuring. Because if you’re even a tad ambitious about making a difference to your or others lives, you have been questioned on your motives, efforts and even sanity! And it’s […]

  • If it’s important, do it everyday

    It’s a phrase that has stuck with me forever. Though I can’t quite place where or from whom I’d heard it. Nonetheless, like all truths this is difficult to swallow. As a culture, we’ve become addicted to instant gratification, quick fixes and the “once-and-for-all” type of thinking. If we have a challenge, we would rather […]