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  • Minimize to get focused

    One of my best recommendations for anyone who’s perpetually busy is to practice minimalism. No, that doesn’t require anyone to give up all their possessions or sleep on a straw-mat! Minimalism is a mindset. The core thesis isn’t that less is more, but less is enough. The best leaders, athletes, and craftspeople are known for […]

  • I lost the 10-day no-goals, no-tracking challenge

    I’ve been an active essentialist (while dabbling with minimalism here and there) since 2009. And folks like Leo Babauta, Joshua Becker, and “the minimalists” — Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus — have been my heroes for the longest time I can remember. I think they were the original band of minimalists before the Internet/world […]

  • We all have so much more than we think

    It’s the time of the year when I spend more time to reflect, declutter, and donate the things I don’t need. It slows me down and I’ve always found it liberating. The past few days I’ve been decluttering my messy wardrobe. This year I’m focusing on just keeping clothes that I truly need and like. […]

  • Too much on the plate!

    Almost everyone gets to a point of overwhelming exertion to cry this one out loud, right? While for most people, it is only a phase there’s a chunk of global population for whom this is a lifestyle. Mine included. We don’t just say we’re busy, we actually are busy. And when we say we’re focused, […]

  • Can minimalism and ambition coexist?

    Watched this stunning perspective on Matt D’Avella’s YouTube channel featuring GaryVee. I found it stunning because this is the first time anyone has ever combined two extreme aspects — minimalism and ambition — and relate to GaryVee. Most of his followers want to be the next him without realizing the amount of blood, sweat, and […]

  • Applied minimalism in the age of unlimited options!

    Every subject of study has two facets: theory and application. We cram (while respectfully trying to understand) a lot of theory while we’re in school and continue doing that in college. If we’re driven enough to attend the lectures (in Asia, particularly in India) or stay awake (the rest of the world) that is. Take […]