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  • Stop obsessing about your morning routine

    Most success wannabes are addicted to tweaking, refining, and “optimizing” their morning routines. Because they’ve been sold on the idea that “successful people are a product of their habits and routines.” While that might be true, none of the successful people is as obsessed with their morning routines as those who chase success. Ironical. Full […]

  • The ultimate morning routine for the rest of your life

    Just Google “morning routines”, and the search engine will blast you with millions of pages with juicy information on the best, the most productive, and the classiest morning routines of all time. People are fascinated with this kind of stuff, and I don’t have a freaking clue why. Believe it or not, you’ve been following […]

  • The lifehack that always works

    Regardless of race, gender, age, nationality or financial status, there’s one assessment that’s available to anyone and everyone — the power of questions. If you went, “huh?” Remember, that’s a question as well. Questions are way more powerful than people think and way undervalued in communication, analysis, or even leadership. I’ve personally found questions the […]

  • Recovery over routines

    As I get older, I’ve become more aware of my body and how best it functions. And oh, how I wish I knew all this when I was much younger. But as they say, “it’s never too late to start today.” One of my constant battles has been sleeping well, specifically, clocking in just the […]

  • Routines are all about getting the non-urgent but important things done

    At times, I feel that the habits and routines have become a spin-off of the self-help industry. The core belief being getting the morning (or evening, or both) right is all you need to be successful in life.  I’ve been a “routines” person decades before it became a fad. And I can tell from experience […]

  • Put that phone away, please

    Early in August this year, I observed a peculiar behaviour — I woke up at 4:30 am every single day but didn’t start my work before 5:45 or 6 am. Guess what was I doing in between? Checking emails, messages, and watching YouTube videos! For some reason, wasting my time, energy, and attention to the […]

  • Building your routines around your practices; not the other way around

    I’ve been big on routines and practices since god-knows-when. It certainly seems like I’ve been obsessed with some kind of routine or a practice since I was in 6th grade. Of course, my my routines and practices have greatly evolved over the years — I don’t do shadow batting practice or eat a bitter gourd […]

  • On taking back the mornings

    I read Joshua’s post on Taking Back the Morning the other day and he opened with this statement: If the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup, then something’s wrong. Taking Back the Morning And it got me thinking — you see, for me, the best part of waking up is my […]

  • The meditative brew

    I woke up an hour earlier than usual this morning and felt this strong urge to make coffee. So, I made myself a cup of artisan pour over coffee using freshly roasted beans that I ground myself using the manual grinder. Believe me, it takes some effort but is deeply soul-satisfying. I settled myself into […]

  • On routines… yet again!

    I’ve written about routines countless times and I think it all led up to 2020, “the year when earth quarantined itself.” (That’s one heck of a dramatic headline, no?) I’ll be honest, I would be in a hospital for mental treatment if it weren’t for the habits and routines I’d invested so much time to […]