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  • Simplifying what you eat

    I’m sick of diets and eating ‘protocols.’ Everyone’s either tried it (and failed) or are looking for shortcuts to hack the ‘system’ because it isn’t working for them. It’s now becoming irritating and that’s putting it mildly.  The other day I mentioned why a diet can’t ever be part of your lifestyle. I think I […]

  • Nutrition for seniors

    Founds this fantastic post by the good folks at Precision Nutrition! Some points worth remembering: Simple nutrition and lifestyle changes can dramatically improve quality of life — even in older adults. It’s not just the number of years you live; it’s how you live them. Good nutrition and lifestyle habits are our best tools to […]

  • If you can’t enjoy the foods that you love, your diet sucks…

    And that’s regardless of the diet you’re on — ketogenic, low-carb, slow-carb, high-protein or even the warrior diet (that I personally follow)! Eating is an important part of our existence. We used to eat for survival. Some of us still do (listen, I haven’t technically eaten since last night… and it’s been a long hard day […]

  • Alternatives to the Warrior Diet

    The other day I shared about the modified Warrior Diet that I’m following. It’s pretty solid to cover all my bases but in case you’re wondering if there’s an alternative to undereating/fasting (WD isn’t fasting by the way) up until the final meal for the day. Honestly, many ways to skin the cat and a […]