Tag: office politics

  • On working with like-minded people

    I’ve long believed that having like-minded people around makes our lives much more bearable, personally and professionally. Although, I would err on the side of moderation, especially if you care about a high-performance culture at the workplace. If that sounds odd, hear me out because you’re either confused or are pretty comfortable in your current […]

  • Don’t be an asshole!

    Probably the best advice you’re ever going to get, yet most thought leaders won’t dare to say it out aloud. There’s too much at stake. Or perhaps, it’s just safe to stay away from controversies. The best “people” advice I share with any (wannabe) leader, manager, or even individual contributors working with teams is this […]

  • If you don’t have anything nice to say… shut up!

    I’m not a purist so I have absolutely no qualms to admit that I may have been supporting gossip for a good chunk of my career. Not my doing it myself but by listening to someone gossip and then naively telling someone I trust about it. I shouldn’t have done that. Don’t worry — nobody […]