Tag: online learning

  • Watching isn’t learning

    The online learning & development and the professional coaching industry has gained a lot of attention and traction since the outbreak of COVID-19. Business leaders and workers alike have acknowledged the value of developing themselves and how it affects their long-term relationships with their organisations. Sure, some will get fired anyway. But if you’re the […]

  • Growth won’t happen automatically

    Most people are convinced that “growth” means reading books, attending (free) webinars, workshops, and e-courses on Udemy sale and/or Coursera. The past few months have exposed this mindset more than anything thing else. Not that anything’s wrong with that but I’m curious about the overall effectiveness. There’s been a huge uptick on the volume of […]

  • Sticking it out… no matter what

    I concluded my first ever public mastermind workshop last weekend. Actually, I had two groups one meeting on Saturday and another on Sunday. And I must say this — I loved each and every moment of it, despite the disappointing participation. I know, that’s to except during the times when everyone’s so exhausted with Zoom […]