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The designer/manager and the worker of your machine

I think we let our circumstances drive our actions, decisions, behaviors and to a significant extent, our lives! And that’s a terrible strategy as it sets you back as a victim who’s clueless, doesn’t have a choice, and couldn’t have done anything differently. All of which, isn’t true*.  A good question for analysis will be: […]

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No pain, no gain

If pushing the limits helps you gain strength and the process of acquiring strength involves pain, logically pain is good for you. Right? Unfortunately, we weren’t wired to think that way. We can’t stand pain. In fact, we run away from pain let alone embrace it. Someone wise once said, “Pain + Reflection = Progress.” […]

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Principles and values

Everyone’s got values. Even thieves, robbers, and murders! The key is to understand what shapes those values and how does one intend to apply it in their lives. For me, the answer have always been in the principles that I follow. But aren’t they the same? No, they aren’t! Principles are self-evident and — as […]

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Theorizing leadership

I could be grossly wrong about this but people view leadership as a concept that’s to be applied than a way of life. Although there’s nothing wrong with seeing it as a concept, I feel people who think in those lines usually end up classifying leadership as an ideal theory. I’ve spoken and written at […]

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Obscurity is the enemy

Do a quick search of consultants, coaches, and trainers on LinkedIn and you’ll find a staggering number of well intentioned folks listed as founders and CEOs of their companies! And if as an HR professional I was asked for look for an executive coach* for my organisation, who would I choose? It’s a difficult question […]

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You don’t lose the seeds you sow

While I haven’t quite understood the psychology behind “sunk costs,” I do know that people hold on to things that offer no value far longer than needed. In fact, if you’re assessing the money, time, and effort you’ve invested in your pursuit right at this moment, it’s already too late. Why? Because you still haven’t […]

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I get knocked out but I get up again…

Participating in ADCC India Nationals 2020 wasn’t just memorable but also quite a leap by all standards. It was one of my first sporting competitions in years and besides all that preparation certainly helped me expand my skills as a jiu-jitsu practitioners to the next level. I think I learned more about the art in […]

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Why seek answers when you can ask questions?

As humans, we can’t help but seek clarity on things that matter to us or pique our curiosity. We’re constantly looking for answers to help us get from where we are to where we want to be. Could that be the cycle of life? I’m really not sure. But that’s what we often default to […]

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Plan your ideal day and stick with it

One of the year-end challenges that I participated involved creating an ideal day and do my best to live it out. Turns out it’s so much harder to stick with it if you’re super ambitious and have conquering the world and making everyone happy part of your plan. So, I did what appeared to be […]

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The historian, reporter, and the futurist

They’re all fine professionals. And would you believe we all have a version of each living inside of our minds? Let me explain. The historian is high on context, age-old facts, and data to help you with decisions. (Ring a bell?) It’s also the one that constantly tells you what or how to respond to […]