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  • What are our priorities?

    It’s ironic how the biggest exporter of COVID-19 vaccines has struggled to contain the second wave. The situation is getting worse with each passing day, and my gut says it will be like this for the coming weeks. Sure, the governance is taking rapid action to put order to the chaos, but it’s already too […]

  • Communicate don’t retaliate

    Tensions between two of the most powerful nations is never a great idea. An Indo-China strife is possibly the worst! And if neither of the governments take measures to facilitate communication around the burning issue, a territorial war is imminent. The leaders, I believe, should put their egos aside and talk. Yes, we’ve lost precious […]

  • What if politicians were to take a public services exam? (Part 2)

    Alright, I’ll be honest. This post got a lot more views that I’d anticipated. Including a personal response from a friend (name withheld) that I share below. I’ve certainly thought about the idea of having a minimum qualification or exam for entering politics, I feel that might not work very well in rural areas. To […]

  • What if politicians were to take a public services exam?

    Based on the pontifications and not-so-intelligent remarks we’ve been watching, listening, and consuming on the social media, I’m pretty sure 3/4th of the politicians out there won’t make it through the simplest of public services exam. And that’s not just due to the thorough preparation needed but also the minimum level of intelligence and emotional […]

  • How does impeachment work?

    A fascinating explainer video by educator Alex Gendler on the impeachment and how it works. Given all the humdrum about Trump’s impeachment, I think this is brilliantly timeous… If I say so myself. This video was uploaded to YouTube in 2017! (I guess I should rethink my personal social media consumption strategy. Can’t miss out […]