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  • It’s just week 4 and I’m so bored with hypertrophy training

    I’m not sure if all strength athletes feel this way. I most certainly do. Been focusing on hypertrophy (think “muscles” and “physique”) training for the past four weeks. It’s been fun but not as hard as my usual training is. That said, there are a boat load of exercises that I just can’t seem to […]

  • The nonsensical approach to training nutrition

    Before I begin, let me warn you about a couple of points: I’m not a nutritionist nor am I trying to play one here The approach below has worked for me after trying almost every other tactic I can find on pre, peri and post workout nutrition Let’s roll. What you eat before a training […]

  • Why 5s for strength?

    If you’ve ever wondered why we powerlifters do so much less (as in 1-5 reps compared to 12-20 reps that gym bros and sistas)… sharing a couple of explanations that run deep. This one is theoretical, I know, but Brent does a great job in actually educating you why Fives (not just 3 sets of […]

  • #strengthtraining: the correct way to press overhead

    If you’re into strength (or just care about functional training in general) you should know what’s that exercise you don’t want to do… the overhead press! Right? I know, I know… it’s harder, you barely grow muscles in the right places, you fear it might injure your back and of course, you’re too busy focusing […]

  • Powerlifting doesn’t care what I look like…

    It only cares how strong you are… and you strong you can be! Found this stunningly illustrated post on the sport of powerlifting and what it means for an ordinary person. If lifting heavy-ass weights ever fascinated you, read it!  

  • Progressing on the Bench Press

    Some of you know that I’ve been focusing on increasing my bench press for the past three months. No, I don’t have to have “manly pecs” but just higher numbers without looking like someone on steroids. And yes, that’s very much possible. Intelligent programming coupled with a wholesome and well-rounded diet does the trick. The […]

  • It’s always boring until it gets excellent

    I remember one of my first powerlifting cycles I tried right off Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 book. The program was clearly labeled “Big But Boring.” Why? Just three exercises and you keep doing them for 12 weeks. And for all the right reasons, the program came with a caveat — don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity. […]

  • Why changing your body composition should start with common sense…

    The powerlifting fraternity has a bad reputation for producing athletes the size of an industrial refrigerator. And guess what, it’s to do something with our belief system, which sort of sounds like this: get huge get effing huge repeat until you die Is it common sense to carry 400 lbs (roughly 180 kg) of mass […]

  • Here’s why I try not to miss a single day…

    Of posting a blog… Of doing some form of physical exercise… Of coaching someone or getting coached myself… Of reading… Of spending quality time with family… no matter how small that is… Of asking myself my set to daily questions… I can’t miss these because of my habits. Building them up took a toll on […]

  • Alternatives to the Warrior Diet

    The other day I shared about the modified Warrior Diet that I’m following. It’s pretty solid to cover all my bases but in case you’re wondering if there’s an alternative to undereating/fasting (WD isn’t fasting by the way) up until the final meal for the day. Honestly, many ways to skin the cat and a […]