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  • Skin in the game

    In my estimate, 90 percent of the employees attending a training program are sponsored by their employers. (It’s probably more, but I would rather be conservative than quote something that’s not true.) And almost 50% of these attendees are on programs that may not benefit them directly — neither professional nor personally. Yet, they’re okay […]

  • Foolproof ways to add value to you organisation

    While there many ways if you can think creatively, there are two time-tested strategies leaders can employ to add value to their organisations. Developing people and driving organisational learning. I see them as two sides of the same coin. Yes, I’ve gone at lengths to harp about developing people but that wouldn’t stop me from […]

  • They may be accountable to you, but not for you

    I’m in the middle of conducting a massive online survey across a wide demography and the responses so far have been quite mind-blowing*! I didn’t want to wait until the tail end of the survey (or it’s conclusion) to share a glimpse of what’s really going on. Mind you, this is an Indian audience, and […]

  • The historian, reporter, and the futurist

    They’re all fine professionals. And would you believe we all have a version of each living inside of our minds? Let me explain. The historian is high on context, age-old facts, and data to help you with decisions. (Ring a bell?) It’s also the one that constantly tells you what or how to respond to […]

  • Training vs Development

    I try my best to read almost all of my emails. Except spam, of course! But then I must admit, I did learn a great deal of copywriting by reading all that spam. I’m not kidding! This morning I received one of Tony Iannarino‘s weekly newsletter and found this gem: Training is part of a […]

  • When you’re working on Sundays…

    … you’re simply doing what a professional does — be accountable to the duties and following through on what’s expected of you. And yes, this is different from #hustle though the essence of it is all over the place. I was 22 when one of the human resources professionals in my company told me this: […]

  • Simplify to remove constraints

    What could you do to make this (whatever your challenge is) easier? It’s one heck of a powerful question, one that has not only helped me remove unnecessary distractions but also become more thoughtful about the choices I’m making. No matter the initiative, if it demands your time and attention, will always be at the […]

  • Growth is a continuum, not an event

    Despite my nature, I play it safe. Almost all the time. Especially when things are new to me and I want to be absolutely sure I’m following the right process, learning from the mistakes and doing a good job overall. And I keep at it until it becomes second-nature to me. I start to play […]

  • Can you be my life coach? 

    The answer is NO. Particularly when you’re so desperate for solutions. Almost 70% of my potential clients would absolutely ask this question. And here’s the bummer, I don’t market myself as a life coach nor do I have any desire to become a life coach. I’m an executive coach, which can turn into life coaching […]

  • Accelerating skills-development sessions at the workplace

    Confession — I know the headline’s a little lame. It had to be that way… “learning and development” (L&D) is considered “lame” by executives. Particularly the “cost-conscious” ones who would be happy to throw the L&D under a bus during lean times. Sure, they may be valid reasons to do that, but isn’t that always […]