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  • The difference between Organizational Design and Organizational Development

    As an organizational consultant and a student of organizational behaviour, one of the most common questions I often get asked is the difference between organizational design and organizational development. People often confuse the two terms, thinking they’re either the same or worse, assuming that organizational development should fall under the learning & development initiatives within […]

  • Do you have the courage to be changed and be disliked?

    I’m reading this fascinating book by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga titled “The Courage to be Disliked” that highlights some fundamental principles of Adlerian Psychology. And while I’m still reading this book, I have found the following three aspects quite important: We’re not stuck being who we are; we can choose to change and develop […]

  • Why random coaching engagements don’t work

    I often get requests for one-off coaching sessions that’s people believe is going to fix their problems. And I almost always pass up these opportunities because coaching isn’t a one-off thing, it’s a long-term commitment. Besides, I’ve had my share of random conversations with strangers who open up and narrate their live’s struggles hoping that […]

  • It really is all in the mind

    So a bunch of friends and I decided to do a short 2-hour hike this morning. It was sort of steep, climbing to an elevation of 8,300 feet (approximately) is simple compared to the much arduous treks in India. This wasn’t a trek as most of my friends believed it to be — there’s a […]

  • How to read body language

    I’m a fan of Joe Navarro. No, the Jane’s Addiction guy. But the former FBI agent and supervisor who’s written multiple books on body language and non-verbal communication. Two of my favorites include: Louder than Words and Hunting Terrorists: A Look at the Psychopathology of Terror. I loved the second one, it’s hardcore psychology and […]

  • Coaching and communicating with assumptions

    While I have discussed “the map isn’t the territory” before, I haven’t really dwelled into the other two important aspects of coaching that I absolutely swear by. NLP practitioners across the board would call these principles “pre-suppositions.” A pre-supposition is basically an assumption purely for convenience’s sake and that’s perhaps my biggest disagreement because I […]

  • The timid me…

    Isn’t sure if he will be able to cope up, keep up and show up everyday (here or elsewhere). Is afraid of sharing his thoughts due to his insecurities ranging from “what would they think of me” to “I don’t think I have anything great to say” and everything in between. Wants to “know it […]

  • How much is too much?

    Is a lame but critically important question. It can drive those highly self-aware people, creatives, philosophers and your mom crazy! The real challenge is that there isn’t a metric that would quantify or validate if you’re reached “enough” or “too much.” You simply feel it in the gut or have an intuition and that’s basically […]

  • Finding motivation to change… with baby steps

    Bumped into these gems this morning, thought of sharing. This is a great introduction to BJ Fogg’s concept of “motivational waves.” Check out his take on what causes behavioral change for a deeper perspective (though it’s a short article). If the video and article above intrigues you, do check out Fogg’s behavioral model that talks in detail […]

  • This post on productivity makes a heck of a lot of sense!

    And thankfully, I didn’t write it. Ramit Sethi did! Check out his insanely awesome post on productivity (for the weird, as you would call it)! It’s different from the usual posts that you would read on productivity. It talks about details, psychology and most importantly the fundamentals. Here’s a gist of what you’ll read: Fundamentals […]