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  • How to talk smart (while thinking fast)

    Alright, I stole that title from somewhere (as I usually do and you’ll know from here) but believe me, if it grabs your attention, what you’re about to read and watch will be totally worth it. From 2010 to 2016, I spoke in public far too many times that I would have liked. Yet, I […]

  • Keeping your mouth shut may be the most effective way to influence people

    One thing I absolutely hate about public speaking is that it puts the speaker on a pedestal, making them appear way more intelligent and valuable then they really are. Not that I despise public speaking or the skill of speaking — I enjoy it myself. But I think it’s overrated. You don’t have to deliver […]

  • Don’t reinvent the wheel

    The past few weeks I’ve been working on my new mastermind program on Leading in Crises. I’m well through the research, organising, and preparation phase. It’s show time! But for some reason, I was nervous. For two specific reasons: I haven’t ever presented a mastermind workshop amidst a global crises such as this one Despite […]

  • The best you can do with all you’ve got…

    I’ve been reflective of my limitations these past few months. Everyone’s got them. I’m pretty sure you’ve got a bunch that keeps you on your toes too. The challenge is to accept them and modify your lifestyle around those limitations. Because it hurts. Despite my best efforts, I haven’t been able to do any (well, […]

  • Sounds awesome! But workshop it!

    I’ve been spending a lot of my time lately developing my keynote. And like with all things, building it from the scratch takes a lot of time and effort. On top of that, I’m working on two versions of a keynote so that I don’t get bored delivering the same thing over and over again. […]

  • Speaking in front of a camera isn’t really public speaking

    Though it’s almost as intimidating as delivering a message in front of real eyeballs! Without a doubt, the dynamics of speaking in front of a camera are quite similar to speaking in front of an actual audience but they’re still not the same. And they can’t ever be… unless you’re speaking in front of a […]

  • Your presentation persona

    Found a great article by the folks at Ethos3 (A presentation design agency) on understanding your presentation persona. I simply love these guys for what they do! Just presentations (including training). But that’s probably because I love to deliver presentations. But I digress, the article gives a glimpse of Badge, the agency’s proprietary presentation persona […]

  • The Christopher Columbus Award

    I know this is funny but I definitely know (and so would you) some folks who deserve it. Heck, when I started to speak I was certainly worthy of this award too!

  • Connecting with others takes energy… a lot of it!

    You know most people prefer to “wing-it” on stage? Yeah, I know they’d like to stick with their natural style but you and I know that just BS. They prefer winging it because it’s far more draining for a speaker/presenter/communicator/trainer to take the time to know the audience. Think about the possible questions you will […]

  • Be here, now

    You know what’s the toughest bit when the spotlight’s on you? To be yourself. And it gets worse when you’re literally on stage as a stand-up comic or a speaker/keynote presenter. The feeling’s same even when you’re coaching someone. The problem? We’re wearing different hats and try to “live” the roles. This might sound normal […]