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  • Effective leadership equals doing specific tasks well

    As with all things human relations, leadership boils down to mastering the absolute basics as well! Tom Peters recommends the following skills that one must master to be achieve leadership excellence. It’s from his latest book, “Excellence Divided,” that I highly recommend you buy if you’re a student of leadership and excellence. I’ve done my […]

  • Say it isn’t so

    “Excellence” is among the few business philosophies the I’m deeply attached with. And I honestly believe “excellence” can be achieved in everything little thing that one wants to do. The other day while discussing this over a Zoom call a friend called out on me saying, “my blog posts though sensible sometimes have typos and […]

  • What does a leader really do?

    At this very moment, thousands upon thousands of leaders in the fields of medicine, science, and politics are coming together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The numbers are still on the rise, which often begs the question what the hell are our leaders doing? Believe me, they’re trying their best. That said, it’s obvious that […]

  • If it’s important, do it everyday

    It’s a phrase that has stuck with me forever. Though I can’t quite place where or from whom I’d heard it. Nonetheless, like all truths this is difficult to swallow. As a culture, we’ve become addicted to instant gratification, quick fixes and the “once-and-for-all” type of thinking. If we have a challenge, we would rather […]

  • Commitment to mastery

    It’s idealistic. Pragmatists and the know-it-alls hate it. And ironically, professionals think it’s a waste of time as well since they’re busy playing either catch-up with the trends. Folks at your workplace don’t give a damn about your commitment to mastery. The loving souls at your home just don’t get (and are terribly worried) about […]

  • Good enough? Now, go further!

    You and I know that “someone” who would waste a major chunk of our time either “getting ready” or making it (whatever that maybe) “just perfect.” Don’t you? If you’ve been listening, I’ve made it pretty clear — the perfection gap is going to make things worse for us. We have to get over it […]