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  • Some days…

    Some days… I don’t feel like waking up in the morning and doing the “work.”I feel like an imposter trying to do things to keep up with other imposters.I question if what I do has any purpose or value at all!I don’t think I have any ideas worth sharing.I hate myself for not meeting my […]

  • The lifehack that always works

    Regardless of race, gender, age, nationality or financial status, there’s one assessment that’s available to anyone and everyone — the power of questions. If you went, “huh?” Remember, that’s a question as well. Questions are way more powerful than people think and way undervalued in communication, analysis, or even leadership. I’ve personally found questions the […]

  • Pay yourself first

    Aeons ago, I read this excellent little book called “The Richest Man in Babylon.” It’s the foundational book on personal finance loaded with wisdom and insights that are deceptively simple but hard to follow. The first chapter of the book is entitled “pay yourself first.” If you’re reading this post, you know what that means, […]

  • The solopreneur’s guide to content marketing

    If there’s anyone who despises the word “content marketing” more than I do, let me know. Because I don’t think anyone else on this planet has reasons to hate one of the most popular forms of marketing. Here’s one of the reasons — despite being a “certified” content marketing professional, I couldn’t build a business […]

  • Here’s another thing you should consider documenting…

    I have a confession to make — I started working on this blog, hoping that I’ll get to show off my expertise in leadership, coaching, change management, and organizational psychology to my prospective clients and employers. But that intention changed to something I never thought I would do — documenting my thoughts as an observer […]

  • Just blend it in!

    As a coffee connoisseur, I always find myself looking for the best kind of beans, roast-levels, or even coffee plantations in and around India. All for making that perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee (pour-over, always) each morning. However, there are times when I’m not satisfied with the flavor or feel something is missing or […]

  • It’s a tool after all

    I finally ditched my Apple ecosystem for independent tools that function well together. It was the iPad in 2018, iPhone last year, and the MacBook Pro this year. And believe me, parting with the MacBook Pro has been the most painful experience of them all. No, I haven’t sold it off or anything (yet). The […]

  • Ideas on living a deep life

    Could this be the perfect time to explore the deep life? I would like to think so. But what exactly is a “deep life?” I’d let Cal Newport explain this: To me, the deep life is about focusing with energetic intention on things that really matter — in work, at home, and in your soul […]

  • Don’t ever get comfortable

    The greatest leaders of all time have one thing in common — they never settle for the comfortable or what felt familiar. Why? Because that’s a recipe for mediocrity. Period. Loved this 2018 ad-copy by American Giant that immaculately defines what being comfortable really means to leaders. Comfortable isn’t comfortable Comfortable never got up before […]

  • Don’t I have anything better to say?

    I’ll admit — despite that nobody has ever said that to me, it sure is one of the most frequent questions I ask myself. “Do I have something better to say today?” And I’m not sure if other daily bloggers/creators feel the same way. They probably don’t because the ones who’re popular rave about the […]