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  • Build routines around your life, not the other way around

    The struggle around routines, motivation, and clarity on the direction one wants to take in life are real. But mindlessly mocking others isn’t going to help, even if your gurus have you convinced that success leaves clues. The proven way to accomplish any achievement is to understand oneself truly. Nothing more. Nothing less. Having a […]

  • Stop obsessing about your morning routine

    Most success wannabes are addicted to tweaking, refining, and “optimizing” their morning routines. Because they’ve been sold on the idea that “successful people are a product of their habits and routines.” While that might be true, none of the successful people is as obsessed with their morning routines as those who chase success. Ironical. Full […]

  • The ultimate morning routine for the rest of your life

    Just Google “morning routines”, and the search engine will blast you with millions of pages with juicy information on the best, the most productive, and the classiest morning routines of all time. People are fascinated with this kind of stuff, and I don’t have a freaking clue why. Believe it or not, you’ve been following […]

  • The best way to kick start your day

    You know I’m big on processes. And that’s got less to do with my project management background but more to do with my experience of getting the biggest, baddest, and seemingly impossible (at the outset) things done. Having a project management lens has helped me get a lot of personal projects off the ground. Processes […]

  • Recovery over routines

    As I get older, I’ve become more aware of my body and how best it functions. And oh, how I wish I knew all this when I was much younger. But as they say, “it’s never too late to start today.” One of my constant battles has been sleeping well, specifically, clocking in just the […]

  • I think I’m back to Square One!

    Since October last year, I’ve been struggling to manage my life with the frenetic pace of progress that we’ve achieved at my workplace. There’s just too much going on all the freaking time, which is acceptable given that we’re a marketing agency*. The challenge is that it’s hard to manage your priorities when everything seems […]

  • Leverage the power of “yes” and “no” to focus

    The most productive people understand the power of a good solid “no.” And they use it ruthlessly with their friends, colleagues, clients, and even family members. Because they know that saying “yes” to others can take up all their time and energy, preventing them from focusing on what matters the most. Time is a zero-sum […]

  • Hal Elrod’s Life SAVERS

    If you read a lot of self-help, I’m pretty sure you might have come across Hal Elrod’s seminal work — The Miracle Morning. If not, go ahead and buy it! I wouldn’t call it life-changing, but many readers certainly have, so, it’s worth the shot. I’m not a self-help junkie and don’t aspire to be […]

  • Habits vs routines vs commitments

    I see people confusing habits with routines or, worse, commitments! Yes, they’re all interrelated but quite different from each other. Here’s a handy explanation that might help you understand the difference and prioritize what you need to work on right now. HabitsBehaviors that flow automatically and do not require a conscious effort. They’re often prompted […]

  • I stopped doing it!

    My work days have been pretty hectic now that I’ve ramped up my side-hustle a notch (I’ve incorporated it, finally!) and the paper work has been driving me nuts! I’ve still got a chock-full of tasks that are to be done within 30 days of incorporation. So, been busy chasing banks, agents, and auditors to […]