Tag: sales objections

  • What to do if the price is too high?

    It’s an age-old debate and that’s sickening to be honest. The price will always be too high for people who’re shopping for a better deal. But the ones who’re looking for great value will buy regardless of the price tag. If you’re faced with this basic price objection, you have three options: Reeducate them on […]

  • Value proposition is overrated

    Simply because every business, big or small, has one and I’m pretty sure your business’ got one too! That’s why your prospects want to know “the difference between you and the next guy who’s selling the exact same services for cheap”! Which simply means that “top-notch quality and excellent value for money” isn’t really what […]

  • Let us partner for a change, can we?

    The past two weeks I’ve been busy following up with a bunch of recruitment agencies for hiring a couple of graphic and presentation design resources. Heard back from half a dozen of them this morning and it wasn’t pleasant. Apparently, these companies have a criteria that my firm doesn’t fall into and hence they cannot […]

  • Speak to the right person… always!

    If you’re desperate for making the quota, get this, you won’t. Especially if you keep doing the same things and expect different results. The other day I spoke about the importance of having a rock-solid sales process, but even the world’s best process won’t save you if you’re speaking to the wrong person. And guess, […]

  • Don’t sell without a process

    I’m relatively new to sales and business development. The shift from marketing/marketing communications wasn’t really a smooth ride since I took it upon myself to create a sales process from the scratch. Apparently, there is and element of risk when you’re being proactive. I hadn’t realise that up until that day when I got on […]

  • The buyer’s process

    If you’re an entrepreneur or a freelancer or a business development expert you’ve been shown the door, brushed off, asked not to contact again or worst, been told: “they’ll think about it and get back to you.” Right? If that’s you, then let me tell you one thing — I’ve been there myself and can […]

  • Rejection proof!

    If you’re hesitant to ask or answer a question, even if your life depended on it, there’s ought to be a reason for that. And we all know what it is — the fear of rejection. Although rejection is almost never personal (I said, “almost”) it sure does feel like it. Now, I don’t want […]

  • Send me your literature!

    That’s ones of the most common brush-offs you’ll hear from prospects when you’re on a call or email seeking a solid 20 minutes of their time and attention. And guess, what? Most salespeople send over the literature hoping to change the status of the lead as “warm” in their CRM. If one were you to […]