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  • Why selling is a challenge with coaches and consultants?

    As one of the oldest professions in the world, selling has done a less-than-commendable job in positioning itself. Even the sales experts have been selling the idea that “everybody’s a salesperson,” but nobody’s buying that. Sure, people call it “business development” nowadays, but who are we fooling. And all that bad PR doesn’t encourage people […]

  • The four-step email prospecting

    If you’re into sales or business development, cold emails and phone calls are part and parcel of your life. And let’s face it, we would instead send cold emails than cold calls. But the reality is that most cold emails suck! I delete 99.99% of all the cold emails I receive because they’re not well-written, […]

  • Don’t kill the golden goose!

    I had a great meeting with a former acquaintance looking for a solution to boost sales for his small professional services firm. A few minutes into the conversation revealed the following:  1. The company hired a couple of young salespeople working for them full-time on straight commissions. Since it was a new initiative, my friend […]

  • Expect everything, attach to nothing

    One of the most worthless piece of advice I’ve ever gotten is this — “lower your expectations.” Or perhaps a variant of “don’t get too attached to your expectations.” I say “worthless” because our expectations is what makes or breaks us. Imagine a life without expectations… I’m waiting… Nothing, right? It’s like a blank page! […]

  • Planning ain’t selling

    In 15 years (1963-78), Joe Girard sold 13,001 Chevrolets. He sold 1,425 in 1973 alone! And in his book, How to Sell Anything to Anybody, he documents his exact process that made him one of the best car salesmen on the planet. Guess what did I find out? Besides the basic tactical-practical strategies, he invested […]

  • What to do if the price is too high?

    It’s an age-old debate and that’s sickening to be honest. The price will always be too high for people who’re shopping for a better deal. But the ones who’re looking for great value will buy regardless of the price tag. If you’re faced with this basic price objection, you have three options: Reeducate them on […]

  • Sell me this pen

    Just do a Google or YouTube search for that phrase and you’ll have millions of hits. I saw it first towards the end of the epic movie, “The Wolf of the Wall Street.” (It’s a great movie and you should watch it!) At first it felt dramatic and powerful but over the past few years […]

  • Value proposition is overrated

    Simply because every business, big or small, has one and I’m pretty sure your business’ got one too! That’s why your prospects want to know “the difference between you and the next guy who’s selling the exact same services for cheap”! Which simply means that “top-notch quality and excellent value for money” isn’t really what […]

  • Sales doesn’t have to be gimmicky

    I remember last year I heard about a new business development strategy that leverages the power of your LinkedIn connections to a whole new level. The concept is pretty simple: Invite your target audience. Starting with 50 people a day to over 500 in a week. Keep track of them in a spreadsheet. At the […]

  • Who cares about your agenda?

    Nobody does. Particularly if you’re in sales. But if only the modern sales executive would understand. The modern-day sales cycle is becoming increasingly complex. Everyone’s busy (no, they’re damn busy!) despite their short attention spans, which seems to be getting shorter by a microsecond every year… around 10-20 minutes. (Wait, did you actually believe it’s […]