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Don’t reinvent the wheel

The past few weeks I’ve been working on my new mastermind program on Leading in Crises. I’m well through the research, organising, and preparation phase. It’s show time! But for some reason, I was nervous. For two specific reasons: I haven’t ever presented a mastermind workshop amidst a global crises such as this one Despite […]

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I’m good, but not that good…

Ever heard yourself say that? And then notice how your performance starts to drip back to the usual? Or worse, even lower?  I used to experience this years back when I had no clue about the concept of self-image. And by the time I was matured enough to understand what it was all about, a […]

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They haven’t built a filter that…

I am a huge fan of movie, documentary, sports and (even) book trailers! They inspire and excite me. Maybe it’s a thing. Or just my thing. I listen to a few curated ones when I’m training heavy… as if they’re just the perfect soundtrack I need to push some heavyweights. (There’s only so much podcast, […]