Tag: self reflection

  • So, the streak has ended

    Now, truthfully, I saw this coming years ago but was happy it didn’t happen sooner. I have been behind my posts for months now. And as you know, once behind, there’s only so much you can catch up on unless something is on the line. That’s rarely the case with a blog, personal or professional. […]

  • The lifehack that always works

    Regardless of race, gender, age, nationality or financial status, there’s one assessment that’s available to anyone and everyone — the power of questions. If you went, “huh?” Remember, that’s a question as well. Questions are way more powerful than people think and way undervalued in communication, analysis, or even leadership. I’ve personally found questions the […]

  • Make your own fucking art!

    Last evening I received an unexpected call from an acquaintance I’d worked with many moons ago. He raved about my career “progression” and his most recent accomplishment (which had absolutely nothing to do with me!) — completing his master’s degree in English Literature from the University of London, I kid you not, at least half […]

  • The value of gap years

    Hat tip to Seth Godin for bringing this up: Millions of college-age students have to make a difficult decision soon. Spending all that money and time has always been a significant choice, but now it’s more fraught. The accredited institutions that are now suddenly offering students an online education simply haven’t committed the time or […]

  • Learning to be more selfish

    I think selfishness can be a virtue if thoughtfully applied to our lives. Check out this insightful video to get more clarity on this radical idea: I also did the suggested thought exercise, which requires us to expand on this prompt: If I dared to be more selfish, I would… It was an amazing experience […]

  • It ain’t that bad as you think

    Waiting in the queue at the hospital takes a lot of patience. And, unfortunately, I’ve got the “p” word in limited supply. So, I went against the grain today. Gritted my teeth and waited patiently for the 6 people in front of me to get done with their paperwork. After 37 minutes of patiently waiting, […]

  • Going a layer deeper

    This time last year, I was struggling to write every day. Not because I didn’t have any ideas. I was finding writing to be a chore. Something to be dealt with instead of an activity that I thoroughly enjoy, which is a fact. On the surface, my challenge seemed like a lack of passion or […]

  • What would you like to happen?

    Like everyone, I get overwhelmed too. Lots of options, possibilities, and tactics to consider for my work, family, passion, business, training, routines, books, and sometimes even music! And it does get stressful at times, so much so that I keep wondering why do I keep making my life miserable. But that’s just another day at […]

  • The ultimate #10yearchallenge

    It’s all over the interwebs right now. You’ve probably seen it or are participating in it or might have at least thought about it over the past few days. The #10yearchallenge is the first of the many viral crazes of 2019. There will be many more. Watching our favourite celebrities, close friends and family members […]

  • It’s a leap of faith

    I’m a fan of animated movies. And thanks to my kids, I’ve been watching more of these than I ever have! Yesterday I decided to take sometime out with my son. Thought of watching Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse with him. Good decision — we both LOVED it! In fact, I even posted a jibe on my […]