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  • Guidelines, not policies

    Can you recall how many times have you heard the ‘its our policy,’ or ‘it’s against our policy’ (or a variant thereof) comeback? Countless times I’m sure. And if you’re like me you can’t help but feel your blood boil each time your hear it. Of course, it makes me wonder if it has ever […]

  • The vendor on-boarding experience

    While this quite possibly could be a wild theory, my gut says there are several companies across the globe that pay attention to the ‘vendor on-boarding’ experience. What’s that? Well, it’s pretty much like the employee on-boarding experience but for vendors. As you know, a vendor is a service provider. Just like you and/or your […]

  • At your service but you better do-it-yourself!

    I was looking for a local travel agent to get my visa done for an upcoming overseas trip. Didn’t waste time scouring through all the available options. Instead, I just focused on the best one (highest rating with the highest number of reviews) and gave this person a call. He didn’t pick up. An hour […]

  • Big or small a service business’ only goal is to provide exceptional service

    Staying at a sprawling apartment for like half the cost can be every traveler’s dream. But what if there’s no wi-fi or cellular network? For someone like me, it’s a major buzzkill. Imagine living in a blackhole, away from your family and loved ones. Unable to connect with them. Heck, unable to even place a […]