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The value of gap years

Hat tip to Seth Godin for bringing this up: Millions of college-age students have to make a difficult decision soon. Spending all that money and time has always been a significant choice, but now it’s more fraught. The accredited institutions that are now suddenly offering students an online education simply haven’t committed the time or […]

Random Thoughts

This might not work!

I’ve been at it for the past several months but haven’t had a chance to prioritize it up until now. I’m actively working on launching my next big professional project — the This Might Not Work podcast. I stole the title from Seth Godin. I’ve seen and heard him talk about “what might work” (he […]

Business Marketing Selling

What’s your market?

And by that, people usually mean who do you really serve? (And you never know if they’re curious to find their direct competitor in you!) Marketers fuss a lot about customer avatars or the ideal customer profile or the target audience at ends, which gets irritating (at times). It’s a major turn off to every […]