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Why extreme focus is going to set you up for life

Having choices are both one of our biggest assets and the greatest liabilities in 2019 and onwards. And while these choices are waiting to be made by us, we don’t have to make them. At least not a lot of them. Believe me, if there was a price attached to each of the choices we […]

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The hard part is always keeping it simple

Irrespective of who you are — some of your biggest challenges stemmed from a complicated issue that could’ve been avoided if you’d chosen the simpler alternative. But you did’t and instead chose to suffer the consequences. Organisations are no different. In fact, the tendency to make the simple complicated is even higher given the time […]

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Simplifying what you eat

I’m sick of diets and eating ‘protocols.’ Everyone’s either tried it (and failed) or are looking for shortcuts to hack the ‘system’ because it isn’t working for them. It’s now becoming irritating and that’s putting it mildly.  The other day I mentioned why a diet can’t ever be part of your lifestyle. I think I […]