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  • Why I’m switching to the Patreon model?

    Like most solopreneurs, I’ve been thinking about building a membership website, creating a course, and growing my email list for ages now. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to progress on any of those goals, not because I lacked a plan, but because I had way too many options to choose from.  Life as someone managing […]

  • A better way to teach and earn online

    If you’ve ever asked yourself, “how come all of a sudden everyone I know seems to be doing what I’m doing?” believe me, you’re not alone. I have experienced that dialogue myself, and now I’ve come to the terms that there are just way too many people in the world, and I can’t do anything […]

  • Do the behaviour!

    Sometime early last year I reflected on the amount of energy I was spending on my side-hustle. It was every-single-day. I also realised I was investing a lot of time writing, consuming educational/informative content by way of books, seminars, webinars, video courses, and everything in between. They were very informative and they did nothing to […]

  • What if you run out of content or things to say?

    That’s an existential question every content creator faces today. With the ginormous amount of content out there (videos, audios, texts and what not) prolific content creator are always on the edge of yet another crises — no content. At least nothing significant to say. I get it. I face the blank page almost every other […]

  • The vendor on-boarding experience

    While this quite possibly could be a wild theory, my gut says there are several companies across the globe that pay attention to the ‘vendor on-boarding’ experience. What’s that? Well, it’s pretty much like the employee on-boarding experience but for vendors. As you know, a vendor is a service provider. Just like you and/or your […]

  • You seriously can’t be that busy

    Especially if you’re a small business and have just about a handful of clients. Heck, I don’t care if you have a thousand clients! They all expect an outstanding service and you better deliver it to them. Your client’s really don’t care about the fact that you’re understaffed or you’re not well or if things […]

  • Insights from coaching Gary Vaynerchuk

    One of my favorite strength coaches, Jordan Syatt, chose to move on from being GaryVee’s personal trainer after 3 years of dedicated service… and I meant that literally! Jordan coached Gary every day of the week over the course of his contract anywhere and everywhere the latter took him! And that’s like all over the […]

  • Why 81% of Indian start-ups die?

    An Economic Times reports that Indian ecommerce ‘e-tailers’ have collected racked up $400 million in investor capital! And yet, most of these ventures are failing. I liked the snippet that showed up in my LinkedIn feed this morning. Read up the comments for fascinating insights. One gentlemen even cited the 7 reasons why these ventures […]

  • A $60,000 lesson on making your hustle work

    You may have heard this before, “I tried to do <nature of business> on the side (or worse, full time!) but it didn’t work out. I was barely making ends meet, so, I quit and got back working for someone else.” Or perhaps some variation of it. I most certainly have. And I must confess […]

  • I hope you don’t mind

    Received a super weird request by a local service provider after I told him that I will be opting for another (internationally acclaimed) provider who was charging almost half for their services! This person messaged me back asking me to forward the email/information that has a breakdown of the cost. Concluding the message with an […]