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  • Minimal Marketing

    Here’s something most marketing gurus won’t tell you — most of their advice is meant for people and organizations with significantly deep pockets. And if you’re reading this post, chances are, their strategy won’t apply to you or your business. No offense to you, of course, I know my audience better. Even then, I won’t […]

  • The Greatest Marketing Strategy Ever 2.0

    The skeptical version of me read Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It! more than a decade ago. I wasn’t sure his was a business book I would like to read. “He’s a wine guy after all!” That’s what I (and a million others) though. And boy, I’m just super-grateful to the good senses that prompted me to […]

  • How you can leverage content in 2020

    Let’s be honest — irrespective of your objective, if you’re looking for information you can find it in a matter of seconds. Consider this: More than 500 hours of content is being uploaded to YouTube right this minute! There are over 17 million active podcasts right now. Close to 600 million blogs exist of which, […]

  • Could content fatigue be real?

    I spend close to 5 minutes every single day going through my social feeds. Most days, it’s even less as I primarily use LinkedIn and Facebook since everything else is just entertainment. At least, that’s how I feel like. And I know I should be spending more time to promote my ideas, business, and the […]

  • Do the behaviour!

    Sometime early last year I reflected on the amount of energy I was spending on my side-hustle. It was every-single-day. I also realised I was investing a lot of time writing, consuming educational/informative content by way of books, seminars, webinars, video courses, and everything in between. They were very informative and they did nothing to […]

  • What if you run out of content or things to say?

    That’s an existential question every content creator faces today. With the ginormous amount of content out there (videos, audios, texts and what not) prolific content creator are always on the edge of yet another crises — no content. At least nothing significant to say. I get it. I face the blank page almost every other […]

  • Why 81% of Indian start-ups die?

    An Economic Times reports that Indian ecommerce ‘e-tailers’ have collected racked up $400 million in investor capital! And yet, most of these ventures are failing. I liked the snippet that showed up in my LinkedIn feed this morning. Read up the comments for fascinating insights. One gentlemen even cited the 7 reasons why these ventures […]

  • A $60,000 lesson on making your hustle work

    You may have heard this before, “I tried to do <nature of business> on the side (or worse, full time!) but it didn’t work out. I was barely making ends meet, so, I quit and got back working for someone else.” Or perhaps some variation of it. I most certainly have. And I must confess […]

  • Charge a premium? Why the heck not?

    You’ll need money to both survive but thrive. And I think each of us can thrive if we muster enough confidence to charge a premium. If you feel that’s “easier said than done,” let me tell you, it’s all about your mindset and that’s the one filled with fear (of failure and whatnot), doubt (in […]

  • Big or small a service business’ only goal is to provide exceptional service

    Staying at a sprawling apartment for like half the cost can be every traveler’s dream. But what if there’s no wi-fi or cellular network? For someone like me, it’s a major buzzkill. Imagine living in a blackhole, away from your family and loved ones. Unable to connect with them. Heck, unable to even place a […]