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  • Do the behaviour!

    Sometime early last year I reflected on the amount of energy I was spending on my side-hustle. It was every-single-day. I also realised I was investing a lot of time writing, consuming educational/informative content by way of books, seminars, webinars, video courses, and everything in between. They were very informative and they did nothing to […]

  • Should you pivot?

    My response is almost always, “NO.” Because I know, while the temptation of changing course is real, there are no guarantees the new pathway will lead you to success. One of the fundamentals before even considering a pivot is to ensure that you’ve checked all the marks for your business’ position, strategy, branding, marketing, and […]

  • Charge a premium? Why the heck not?

    You’ll need money to both survive but thrive. And I think each of us can thrive if we muster enough confidence to charge a premium. If you feel that’s “easier said than done,” let me tell you, it’s all about your mindset and that’s the one filled with fear (of failure and whatnot), doubt (in […]

  • Does your idea have to be the next BIG disruptor?

    Had a great meeting with some of my friends last evening. Had been due for quite some time. We swapped war stories, struggles, corporate culture, office politics and the future ahead of us. It was fun, exciting and even thought provoking to say the least. I thoroughly enjoyed it, which is rare, considering how much […]