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  • Please don’t sign up for LinkedIn university

    Getting off Facebook and Twitter was an easy decision — the platforms weren’t adding value to my day-to-day activities or professional pursuits. Clinging on to LinkedIn and Instagram was deliberate. The former was purely for professional reasons. The latter was convenient — fewer words, more pictures, and much easier to scroll down to the following […]

  • Please don’t “like” my posts

    Liking and sharing content from a website (like this one) or on social networks has become natural reactions when we see, read, watch, or listen to something that resonates with us. But not everyone who hits the “like” button has to mean it. The platform algorithms incentivise people to “liking” each other posts for better […]

  • Is it worth catching up with social media in 2021?

    Right now, there are two kinds of social media users — the influencers and the wannabes. You and I might fall in the latter category (if not, please feel free to recommend my site to your followers :-P), and that’s okay, as long as you don’t act like a wannabe. If you’re wondering what’s wrong […]

  • It’s getting kind of sickening…

    If you’re normal, you must be on at least a couple of social media networks or probably on all of the big four platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram), like I am. If yes, great! Welcome to the club! I’m sure you’re having a great time if you’re one of those who live in one […]

  • The best revenge still is to live well

    What happens when you share a post or put up a “story” on the socials that’s meant for someone specific but ends up being read by many? (A natural consequence of posting anything on the socials.) Besides grabbing attention or getting conversation started with the rest of the world, I think you miss out on […]

  • Being content with my little place right here!

    On an average, I see, tap or swipe through almost a few dozen WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook ‘stories’ each day. And while I can ignore almost all stories on the last two, WhatsApp literally tempts you to check them out, which I absolutely hate! Because barring a few, most stories haven’t added value to my […]

  • The “stories” that you share…

    While I can’t imagine ever appreciating what Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and the other platforms has done for us, as far as communicating like humans is concerned, I do appreciate one feature that I believe is a great way to keep your contacts (including your friends and family… mom and dad included) updated on your whereabouts […]

  • My social media playbook

    Been reflecting on my own content marketing strategy (different from a full-blown personal branding strategy, which isn’t my focus right now) for the past couple of weeks and felt the need to refine it a little. Make it a more purposeful while keeping a low profile (if only, slightly). The latter is quite important to […]

  • A very short guide for breaking addictions to social media apps

    I’m not a registered psychiatrist but what I’m going to prescribe here wouldn’t kill you. Or perhaps, it would. But you sure won’t have to consult a doctor before trying this. Here you go: Delete all social apps from your phone. Every thing! If your job requires you to be on top of social media […]

  • Why it okay to have “nothing to say”

    Let me be honest — I don’t have anything significant to say this evening. I usually don’t. But my thoughts don’t matter and certainly isn’t the reason why I blog every day. I show up because I love to (and I am the master of my own domain, literally and figuratively ;-)) and believe that […]