Not a great time to tell stories

They say, “desperate times calls for desperate measures,” and having closely observed the actions of global leaders the past two weeks, I’ve realised that communication amidst crises is one of the toughest leadership skill. The situation calls for clear, direct, and succinct messages that highlight the tactical, practical, focused plans of action. This isn’t the […]

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Cut the fluff, please!

We all loves stories, don’t we? It’s common knowledge. And marketers since the dawn of (their) civilisation (er, 19th century?) have been evangelising about the power of storytelling for ages! Authors, the kind who’re also good marketers or just happen to have a great marketing mind in their payroll, have leveraged this fact to their […]


Connecting with others takes energy… a lot of it!

You know most people prefer to “wing-it” on stage? Yeah, I know they’d like to stick with their natural style but you and I know that just BS. They prefer winging it because it’s far more draining for a speaker/presenter/communicator/trainer to take the time to know the audience. Think about the possible questions you will […]