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  • Mixing strength training with combat sports

    I rolled (or sparring in BJJ) 4 times this week, including an open mat yesterday. It was fun and educational. I’ve got to up my game if I am to get better. And the only way to do that is to go from training twice a week to thrice a week or more. The challenge, […]

  • It’s just week 4 and I’m so bored with hypertrophy training

    I’m not sure if all strength athletes feel this way. I most certainly do. Been focusing on hypertrophy (think “muscles” and “physique”) training for the past four weeks. It’s been fun but not as hard as my usual training is. That said, there are a boat load of exercises that I just can’t seem to […]

  • You really can’t progress with a mind wide-shut

    Coming off from a significant time-off isn’t easy. It surely hasn’t been easy for me. Particularly from a training perspective. I’ve been trying my best to survive my workouts for the past few weeks. Of course, the focus has changed from strength (low-reps, more sets… think more weight) to hypertrophy (high-reps, medium sets… think muscles) […]

  • Just take a 20-minute walk

    That’s probably the most irritating thing you can ever say to me. I’m serious! I absolutely hate it to the core. Believe me, almost every friend, family member and acquaintance have passed on this worthless piece of advice. Partly because they were concerned that I was spending an inordinate amount of time in the gym […]

  • The 40-day workout redux (sort of)

    I swear by the original 40-day program (40DW) by Pavel Tsatsouline, which in his own words is… For the next forty workouts, pick five lifts. Do them every workout. Never miss a rep, in fact, never even get close to struggling. Go as light as you need to go and don’t go over ten reps […]

  • Increase your lifts with this 5RM program

    Been tinkering with programming that focuses on increasing your 5 rep max (RM, maximum weight you can lift for 5 clean reps) instead of the usual 1 RM. Why? Because I am human and like all, I get bored too! So, I switched this up and here’s my brand new 5RM program for the next […]

  • Are you happy with your physique?

    One question that drives droves of people to the gym each and every morning. It’s also something a trainer asked me this morning. At first, it kind of stunned me because nobody has ever asked me this question (not that I look like a Greek god or something). I instinctively responded, “I honestly don’t give […]

  • The nonsensical approach to training nutrition

    Before I begin, let me warn you about a couple of points: I’m not a nutritionist nor am I trying to play one here The approach below has worked for me after trying almost every other tactic I can find on pre, peri and post workout nutrition Let’s roll. What you eat before a training […]

  • Please do everyone a favor

    One of my biggest peeves is watching idiots train at the gym. I’m not talking about the ones who’re struggling with weights or are weak or are just learning (under supervision). I’m specifically impressed at these overconfident and flashy folks who would hoist a kettlebell all the way to their necks or squat with a […]

  • That plan about getting started or losing weight

    Most of my friends hit the gym or run or do CrossFit to stay healthy and in shape. And then there are a few who’ve been thinking about getting started but haven’t been able to. Guess what’s their favorite question each time they see me? (Not that I’m a physical specimen or something, alright?) “Can […]