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  • How many rounds of interviews are enough?

     As you know, LinkedIn is my go-to social media outlet because it’s the only platform that makes sense*. And I love it when professionals generously share their points of view, hoping to make an impact in their little way.   But if I were, to be honest, the juice is in the conversations that follow these […]

  • Resumes have become a joke!

    As someone constantly on the lookout for talent to either staff or recruit, I come across many resumes. And barring a few, most resumes suck! And I think that’s because everyone knows how to write a “good resume,” thanks to the internet or the business comms class in college or that $14 book that picked […]

  • You don’t need 8 hours to hire a potential candidate!

    I spoke to someone the other day about the need for efficient recruitment and selection processes. She mentioned how her company (a major global player in… I’ll leave it at that) make the candidates go through 6-8 rounds of interviews and assessments to vet out the cream of the crop. It was puzzling yet painful […]

  • You are not the market

    While this might be the worst time of the year to hunt for a new job, if you are “in the market,” all the very best*. It’s gonna be a grind. And it will suck. Being realistic about your pursuits is possibly the best gift you can give yourself during times like these. Particularly, when […]

  • The survival mindset

    One of the major reasons why people (kids and adults alike) quit Brazilian JuJutsu (BJJ) has got nothing to do with their conflicting schedules as they claim. It’s the teaching methodology. Period. I know that first hand having been part of two different (yet so similar) schools of thoughts. When I signed up for my […]

  • Employee engagement and the leadership practice

    Two of the modern-day leader’s biggest dilemmas are talent retention and employee engagement. Yes, the HR does its best to incorporate some of the best proven practices to keep both the issues in check. The challenge, however, is that these practices can only take you so far. Two specific reasons: They’re overly focused on employees […]

  • Your biggest asset is your talent pool

    Irrespective of the size of your organization, it’s future will always depend on the talent that you bring onboard. As leaders/recruiters/hiring managers we know this but have barely paid attention to do something about it. By that, I specifically mean, building a talent pipeline that’s ready to join forces when needed. The challenge is that […]

  • A hiring process without assessments is a recipe for disaster

    As you can tell, I’m saying that from experience. Having interviewed countless candidates, I’m convinced that people have become good with interviews. And irrespective of your thoroughness as a recruiter or an HR professional, the smarter candidates can boast their way into a vital position. You don’t want that to happen, do you? I believe […]

  • Using scorecards to recruit talent

    Possibly the most useful document that the management can refer to time and again. If, and that’s a big “if,” managers learn to use it well. While thousands of organisations across the world follow Drucker’s “what gets measured, gets done” advice, most don’t quite get it right. For starters, they don’t even measure that damn […]

  • Why 81% of Indian start-ups die?

    An Economic Times reports that Indian ecommerce ‘e-tailers’ have collected racked up $400 million in investor capital! And yet, most of these ventures are failing. I liked the snippet that showed up in my LinkedIn feed this morning. Read up the comments for fascinating insights. One gentlemen even cited the 7 reasons why these ventures […]