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  • Future proof your technology

    I’m an ignorant investor in technology. I know the future is bright, but only my fund managers know where to allocate my money. I trust him. (And you should trust yours unless you can’t handle the fact that someone else is managing your money.) Besides the fiscal investments, I’m big on buying technology that serves […]

  • It’s a tool after all

    I finally ditched my Apple ecosystem for independent tools that function well together. It was the iPad in 2018, iPhone last year, and the MacBook Pro this year. And believe me, parting with the MacBook Pro has been the most painful experience of them all. No, I haven’t sold it off or anything (yet). The […]

  • Switching back to PC for good?

    My MacBook Pro has gone into service. It’s close to 5 years old now and has been prompting me to get the battery replaced for sometime now. It’s an expensive replacement but it’s Apple. What else can you expect?  Nonetheless, the situation forced me to look for a replacement laptop. My office inventory didn’t have […]

  • RAND corporation thought the home computers would look like this in 2004!

    And boy, weren’t they so wrong! Look at what we were able to accomplish by 2004! Despite their inaccurate prediction, the RAND corporation was one of the technological pioneers of American. Spinning a World Wide Web While RAND has played a major role in keeping America safe from military attacks and nuclear catastrophes, the think […]

  • Tech sabbath on Sundays

    Found this cool infographic on the ArtOfManlines.com. Love the site and love this concept even more! Let me tell you, I need this the most! Over the past 167 Sundays I’ve done nothing but work while juggling some time (a very little and I’m not proud of it) with my family and loved ones. I […]