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Sometimes shipping it is the best market research

It’s common knowledge that each one of us have a book in us. I saw some random online marketing dude claiming, “there’s at least one online course in each of us.” The only thing I could think of was, “boy, times have changed.” One of the most common advise I hear from both the best […]


On creating value over content

Ironic it may seem but focusing on creating value has helped me see things differently. It definitely has helped me be more purposeful with the content I create, particularly the ones I share here and on socials. And the best part is that I’ve stopped caring about arbitrary stats, tactics, or traffic. Some may call […]

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Value isn’t a throwaway word

I interviewed a candidate recently. He was great! In fact, just the perfect fit for the role we have been looking for the past couple of months. It would’ve been ideal for us to simply hire this person. In fact, it was a no-brainer. Things took a drastic turn, however, during the final interview process. […]