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Don’t shove down your values into other people’s throat

I’ve spoken, written, and debated about the importance of values and how different it is from principles at length. So, I’m not going to get into it right now. But there’s one observation that’s worth talk about because I see it quite often — managers and leaders enforcing their values on to their team members. […]

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Principles and values

Everyone’s got values. Even thieves, robbers, and murders! The key is to understand what shapes those values and how does one intend to apply it in their lives. For me, the answer have always been in the principles that I follow. But aren’t they the same? No, they aren’t! Principles are self-evident and — as […]


On creating value over content

Ironic it may seem but focusing on creating value has helped me see things differently. It definitely has helped me be more purposeful with the content I create, particularly the ones I share here and on socials. And the best part is that I’ve stopped caring about arbitrary stats, tactics, or traffic. Some may call […]

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It’s not about those ping-pong or foosball tables…

Each time I bring up “culture” into my conversations with my peers, friends, and industry experts, I get to hear a list of facilities and equipments on offer to the employees. That’s like trying selling me on features and benefits. I’m just not going to buy it! Of course, they also talk about the values […]