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  • The warrior diet update (2021 edition)

    I began experimenting with the warrior diet in November 2019 and have never really looked back. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve taken towards my health and physical wellbeing. As you may already know, the concept of the warrior diet is pretty straightforward: Eat a micro-meal when you’re hungry (a small bowl of yoghurt, […]

  • A diet can’t be a lifestyle

    One of our biggest discontentment is to find that ‘perfect’ diet that will fix it all for us. The worst part is that we keep trying and go back to square one, which is always messier than the last time you thought of going on a diet. My biggest argument is that we don’t need […]

  • In the mood for Italian?

    I surely was… and this is what I default to each time I get a craving for Italian. A great way to break your fast 😉 (while on a Warrior Diet).

  • If you can’t enjoy the foods that you love, your diet sucks…

    And that’s regardless of the diet you’re on — ketogenic, low-carb, slow-carb, high-protein or even the warrior diet (that I personally follow)! Eating is an important part of our existence. We used to eat for survival. Some of us still do (listen, I haven’t technically eaten since last night… and it’s been a long hard day […]

  • Alternatives to the Warrior Diet

    The other day I shared about the modified Warrior Diet that I’m following. It’s pretty solid to cover all my bases but in case you’re wondering if there’s an alternative to undereating/fasting (WD isn’t fasting by the way) up until the final meal for the day. Honestly, many ways to skin the cat and a […]

  • Eat like a warrior…

    At least that was the plan when I started the warrior diet. My folks aren’t happy. But this diet isn’t for the faint heart. It is the original intermittent fasting protocol that took the world by storm. (Alright, the “storm” bit is exaggerated… but it did make a significant impact in changing the way we […]